We gave an interview to MAGNÉTICA MAGAZINE about the brand and the launch of the first collection. 

"Something's in the wind... A wind of change... New heads with new ideas, breaking down all the stereotypes that have been around until now.
Repto is a Portuguese brand that wants to break down these stereotypes, with clothing that carries a message."

Why the name REPTO?

Repto means challenge, calling, provocation. In this case it’s more than just a clothing brand, Repto is, above all, a set of principles, actions and attitudes that promote individual and collective change in order to achive our objectives, ambitions and dreams. That were the name comes from and what it stands for.

What is the message the brand wants to pass on to its consumers?

First of all, we don’t have “consumers”. Repto isn’t for “consumption”. Who wears Repto carries a message, values and principles, and if they believe, they have to know which ones are theirs. To wear Repto just because it’s nice or cool, please choose another brand. We want to see our clothes rapidly getting sweat stains, ink stains, tears and holes.

We want to contribute to restore, once and for all, the pride of the “Made in Portugal”. There is a generic lack of empathy between the portuguese and their products. This eternal low self esteem complex towards other cultures transfers to brands also. We still have a cultural difficulty in recognizing merit to another portuguese. Repto also wants to contribute to change that mentality. We believe, trust and will firmly defend portuguese talent and passion.-

We have to snap out of this halt that we and the country as plunged in. A good question has the power to awake up more people than an answer: The Repto Challenge is launched. Will you step up to challenge?

Who are the people that wear Repto?

They’re the nonconformists that are willing to do something to change a reality that is  disconnected and far away with their worth and expectations. They’re the ones that don’t give up, refuse to follow the herd and are not afraid of falling. In fact, they’ve fallen many times and still rise and carry on with their fight, they find more joy, fulfillness and happiness in failing than not trying.

They’re people with a voice, that express themselves in many forms, they want to do better than yesterday, allways looking forward, always ready to act. They lead instead of being led.

Those are the ones that inspire us, and the ones that we want to inspire.

Is there a kind of music or author that related best to brand? Why?

The music that best relates to Repto is the one that related with people that beleive in Repto. Repto listens to what they listen,from hip-hop, electro or rock. About the authors, we prefer portuguese authors. We have increasingly more talent doing great music in Portugal. We also want to find out that hidden talent out there and help promote it. Recently, on the video of our first collection, we had the collaboration of SP Deville, that created the theme from scratch.

Which city Repto suits best?

In this case, more important than where and who, is the why it suits best.

Do you think the portuguese people need a (new) revolution?

The word “revolution” is so worn out that we honestly have some difficulty in understanding not what it stands for but what it exactly means nowadays.

A new phone is a “revolution”, the markets are in “revolution”, people “revolutionise” their home decoration, some people are in “revolution” and some call it “rebellion”... therefore, we don’t know if its a revolution that the portuguese people need.

What we do know is that we urgently have to work hard in order to fully understand, manifest and materialize this change that is happening in us for so long. And call that process whatever you want.

Great changes happen with small changes. Do you think the portuguese mentality is changing?

It’s always has been changing. We still need to embrace and fall in love passionately with that change. Everything depends on that. It depends on many real “small changes” in order to discover and define that “great change”. And, with all honesty, we can and have to work faster on this.

Not everyone has the opportunity to grab a microphone and be heard by everyone, but we can always talk and share with that person that is right next to you, either it’s a neighbour, a friend or family. What we can’t do is to be continuously waiting for something or someone to happen.

What drink goes along with that change?


Do you have any person that inspires you and that you’d like to wear your brand?

Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo (laughs).

Now seriously, who inspires us are those that are trying everyday to move forward, normally against the current. They turn out to be bigger persons for all the good or bad that they’ve done, never for what they left undone. More important than what they’ve achieved is what they’re trying to achieve, and those are the people that we’d like to wear Repto.

We would also like that our politicians, businessmen and cultural agents wear Repto with true conviction. That would truly mean and change a lot of things...



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