No door opens on its own and this one is no exception. Opening party on the 26/7 in Forum Algarve

Portugal is going through a crisis. And so are the Portuguese. An identity crisis.

Or perhaps it's more than an identity crisis. Perhaps it's a mentality crisis.
The disbelieve in the  "Made in Portugal" is also a reflection of the feeling of low self-esteem and the difficulty people have in acknowledging the merit of home-grown projects created by others. And that has to change. This is the Repto Challenge.
We want to help reconcile the Portuguese with their brands and their true values. We want to have a voice but, above all, we want to give a voice to all those who, day after day, continue to fight for a future. The dissatisfied. The proactive. Those who believe in themselves.

Repto is much more than a clothing brand.
It is a series of principles and individual opinions, conveyed in messages, actions and attitudes.
It's challenging, it appeals to everyone to be and do better than ever before.
It doesn't settle with apathy and a defeatist spirit. The crisis may explain but it doesn't excuse everything, especially inactivity.
What we want, once and for all, is to help restore the pride in what is ours, our very own "Made in Portugal".

We're not standing on a soapbox claiming to be better than what comes from abroad but, rather, we want to show that we deserve the same opportunities, the same attention, the same willingness to accept what is ours.
We don't want to detract from "Made in Foreign", we just want to highlight the worth of what’s ours.

So, we're about to take another big step.
At 5pm on the 26th, we'll be opening the first Repto shop in the Forum Algarve Shopping Centre.
With clothing manufactured with Portuguese pride and Portuguese quality.

We don't want you to leave our shop with clothes to wear but, rather, with clothes that you feel... and a message to pass on: