We've challenged Menau to do an intervention on our store and the result was the "Sad clown", an art piece that portraits the harsh reality of a beaten and sad country.This artwork will be featured on a limited edition of 100 t-shirts.

On the 24th of August, Repto challenged Menau to do the first illustration for our store window.

Menau is a Portuguese artist from Quarteira, whose art is a combination of street art, drawing and installation. His art generally focuses on the theme of political life and society. He was recently taken to court, accused of offence against national symbols for his installation "A Forca de Portugal" ("Portugal’s Gallows"), but was ultimately victorious in an authentic battle for freedom of expression.

The completed illustration resulting from this challenge will be used for a limited edition of just 100 pieces, many of which have already been reserved, so online sales are not available. Anyone interested should inquire via Facebook.