Returns & Cancellations

Returns & Cancellations

0.1 Order Cancellation before shipment

The customer can cancel the order, since this has not yet been sent. If the customer placing an order and wish to cancel please contact our Customer Service and ask for the cancellation of your order. Only after this procedure is possible our Customer Service Department at our warehouse request the cancellation of the order. If the request for cancellation is successful, the client will be notified by email of this decision and the cancellation will be processed at no cost to the customer. If the request for cancellation is not possible the products will be shipped to that customer, if keep its intention to cancel the order, shall refuse to accept them. Products will be returned, and after receiving the reversal will be processed.

 0.2 Return of defective products

The customer has the right to return the delivered products if it appears that these have defects or other non-conformities in relation to the products ordered. The return may be made within 15 days after receipt of order. This does not affect your statutory rights. If your complaint is justified, the price and the shipping costs will be reimbursed.

0.3 Return of withdrawal for products

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the products you ordered can proceed with the return of the item within 15 calendar days of receipt, provided that:

  • The product has not been washed or used (unless the product contains information to the contrary, the customer has the right to try on clothes and shoes to test the size and shape, but can not use them);
  • The product retains its original features and the packaging is not damaged (open containers carefully will not be considered damaged);
  • The product is complete (eg both a couple of items have to be returned.);

You can not return:

  • Products that have been tampered with.

 0.4 Return offers

Currently it is not possible that a person who received a product as a gift from someone else, can proceed with the return of the same. In this case, to make the return you must contact the person who bought it in the sense that it carries out its return, according to the conditions of return.

0.5 product exchange or size

To exchange an item for another or to change sizes.

0.6 Information on the return

If your return has as a reason justifying the existence of a defect or non-compliance with the ordered products, the FEAT bear the costs of delivery and return. If your return has been made for reasons other than those justified the existence of a defect or non-compliance of the products ordered, the FEAT not make the reimbursement of the cost of shipping. However, when making a return will be to use our transport provider. The costs incurred by FEAT to make a return equal the shipping costs, the FEAT will not refund the cost of postage initially borne by the customer for the respective order.

Refunds will be made based on the method of payment.

The customer will receive a refund after the product (s) (s) has (have) been returned (s) and processed (s).

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